Life might seem a little more hectic than usual as you’re going through your chemo treatments, but this handy calendar can help you keep track of your test results, general health goals, symptoms, the questions you’d like to discuss with your doctor and more. Visit
Chemotherapy is a popular method of treatment for various types of cancer. Use this drug reference chart to learn how certain chemo drugs fight cancer, and decide which one is right for you.
Before you run off to your next chemo treatment, check out our printable checklist of important things to take with you, plus some more fun suggestions.
Want to get a second opinion, but not sure how to go about it? Our step-by-step checklist will take you through the process—and help you get the best diagnosis and treatment plan possible!
Between bills, insurance forms and prescription papers, chemo treatments can come with a lot of paperwork! Not to worry: use our checklist to keep everything organized and stay stress free!
Make better decisions about your care by learning about your particular cancer. Print this sheet and ask your doctor to help you fill it out and explain what your test results mean.
A breast cancer diagnosis can come with a lot of daunting questions. Bring this form to your next appointment to guide your conversation with your doctor and help you understand all your treatment options.